South Down Shores on Lake Winnipesaukee

Bay Hills Village

Bay Hills is a community that has one unit consisting of 3 attached homes, and 10 units that are single family homes, each designed by the original owners, but maintaining a village flavor.  The village is on Fox Crossing Lane, a road that is owned by the association.  It is fortunate to have 7 acres of common land just below the homes.  All of the units have a beautiful view of the lake.


Bay Hills is self-managed.  The dues pays for landscaping, plowing, liability insurance and maintenance for the road and common land property.  All other costs are paid for by the individual owners.



Management Company & Contact
Self Managed
Village Details
Units: 13
Years Built: 1st Phase 1984, 2nd Phase 1996 to 2008
Square Footage: 1,900 to 3,700
Description: Bay Hills consist of a Triplex plus 10 individual homes.,This area also has approximately 7 acres of common land between the homes and the lake.
Village Dues: $235 / month. Each owner is responsible for all their own maintenance, including roofs and siding.
Village Officers
President: Chris Lorrain
Treasurer: Marge Linn
Secretary: Rosann Ippolito
Council Rep: Marge Linn

Note:  If you are interested in contacting the Village Officers, please refer to your Southdown Homeowners’ Directory

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