South Down Shores on Lake Winnipesaukee

Captain's Walk Village

Captain’s Walk is a small neighborhood of 11 single family homes.  The entrance is marked by a large oval sign that features a sailboat, and a small area for seasonal plants and flowers.  The homes, lawns and gardens are all well maintained. The neighborhood is very close to the water.  Five homes are waterfront, and all the residents have some water or mountain view.  The circle is quiet and perfect for walking, cruising around in golf carts and just relaxing.  The walking paths are easily accessible and residents can take them to get to the beach house and the swimming area.  In the winter, there is easy access to the groomed trail on the railroad track, making it simple for snowmobilers and cross country skiers to access miles of groomed trails.

Management Company & Contact
Self Managed
Village Details
Units: 11 Single Family Homes and
1 open lot
Years Built: 1987 - 2010
Square Footage: 1,495 to 3,785
Description: Traditional design with wood exterior and decks.
Village Dues: Annually $1,350
Village Officers
President: Bruce Miller
Treasurer: Mary Miller
Secretary: Pam Holland
Council Rep: Bruce Miller
Alt: Roger Legendre

Note:  If you are interested in contacting the Village Officers, please refer to your Southdown Homeowners’ Directory

Annual Meeting:  To be held at the Beach House @ 9:00am, Saturday May 26, 2018

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