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South Down and Long Bay Electricity Opportunity

Electrical Energy Savings Opportunity

October 2016


The Energy Rates for our residents that originally signed up with Fairpoint Energy was for 18 mos is coming to an end on 11/7/2016.  If you have received a letter from Fairpoint in the last month concerning new pricing, then you were likely on this first offering.  You also may have been surprised by the increases.  The market is definitely going up on electrical from what we have been seeing.  Please see the prices below for where Eversource and the alternative supply sources in our area are currently.  These are broken them down into those based on fossil fuels and those based on 100% Green Wind Power.  Only North American Power and Fairpoint Energy offer the 100% Green Energy option.

The good news is that Fairpoint Energy’s parent company, Crius Energy, have responded to a savings offer specifically available to all South Down and Long Bay residents.  This rate is better than that offered on any Green Energy program in our market and that offered by Fairpoint Energy on the customer website.  It is also extremely competitive, if not better to the fossil fuel supplier options.  This new rate is available to all South Down and Long Bay homeowners currently with Fairpoint Energy, and also those  wanting to  sign up for the first time.  (see directions for signing up below)

 Click here for all the details:  Electrical Energy Savings Opportunity October 2016 Update


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