South Down Shores on Lake Winnipesaukee

South Down and Long Bay

Fuel Buying Consortium

2018 Letter to Homeowners

To: All Long Bay and South Down Homeowners

We are pleased to announce information on the South Down and Long Bay Consortium Fuel Buying Program, Year 5. This year market conditions were up about $.27/g over the prior year for Propane and Heating Oil and pricing is very volatile. As we enter the final year of our 5 year agreement with Dead River, we can say that their service and interest in working with our two Associations has been excellent. Because we are in an up market condition now, we have committed to the 2018/2019 heating period with Dead River now to assure we are protected against any further increases in costs for the coming heating season. However, you must act by June 22st to secure this pricing. IF you miss this date, there will be adjusted pricing for July sign up, which based on market conditions will adjust pricing either up or down. This year the risk to pricing will be for both Propane and Heating Oil.

Again this year, South Down and Long Bay did an excellent job of using their committed contract gallons thanks to the sustained winter we had.

Agreement Documents

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