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Golf Carts

Our gated and private community with meandering streets is the ideal setting for golf carts. Many residents take advantage of this and use their golf cart to visit neighbors, go to the beach and boat club or simply drive around the community.  All golf carts must be registered (and numbered) with South Down Recreation Association and owners must abide by the association regulations. Owners should also check with their individual association for any parking and storage restrictions.


Golf Cart Registration is Mandatory.  All golf carts in both South Down and Long Bay must be registered with TPW Management and have a numbered decal. Drivers with no decals will be stopped by Security, and fines may be issued as approved by the Safety & Security Committee and the South Down Council.  If you have not yet registered your golf cart, please contact TPW Management to register.


TPW Management

1921 Parade Rd

Laconia, NH 03246


Linda Hersey, Customer Service Representative

(603) 527-8147 Ext: 1626



Robin Kingston, Property Manager

(603) 527-8147 Ext: 1627





These Rules & Regulations amend all previous rules and regulations concerning golf carts. These Rules & Regulations were approved by the Long Bay Homeowners Association II Board of Directors and the South Down Council and are effective May 1, 2013.

1. Registration – ALL golf carts in South Down and Long Bay must be registered through the Management Company and properly display the issued registration number to a visible section at the front of the cart.

2. Operational  Age Requirements -  Driver must be at least 16 years of age. Drivers under the age of 16 may operate a golf cart provided there is an adult age 21 or older on the front seat supervising the minor.

3. Operation Guidelines – Golf carts must comply with all traffic rules and regulations and must reduce speed when approaching pedestrians who always have the right of way.  Golf carts may not be operated on unauthorized trails, roads, or property.

4. Passenger Requirements – Golf carts shall not be operated with more passengers than are seats on the golf cart.  All passengers must remain seated while the cart is moving.

5. Lights – All golf carts must have operational head and tail lights when driving after dark.

6. Mirrors* – Golf carts must be equipped with a rear view mirror.

7. Safety Restrictions – The towing of any person or object is not permitted. Reckless driving to endanger is prohibited.

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