South Down Shores on Lake Winnipesaukee

Private Marina

The South Down Boat Club consists of:  218 dry berths, 153 privately-owned and 65 owned by SDRA; 40 slips, 30 privately-owned and 10 boat club-owned for transient use by dry berth owners/renters; 40 boat moorings for the use of the boat club operator; and 20 PWC moorings assigned under the boat club’s jet ski policy.  Dock operations staff are on duty during the boating season based on the established yearly operating schedule to launch/retrieve boats to/from the dry berths and the boat mooring field.  The 65 dry berths owned by SDRA are available for rental to South Down residents; some dry berth owners rent their dry berths as well.  On occasion, slip owners will rent their slips to South Down residents.  Boat Club members (owners of dry berths and/or slips) pay annual boat club dues.  In addition, dry berth owners/renters pay either a frequent- (unlimited use) or infrequent- (per launch/retrieval) user fee to the boat club and members/residents who are assigned a PWC mooring pay an annual mooring/user fee to the boat club.




Manager:  Carol Downing (Irwin Marine)

Contact Numbers:  603-527-6169



Dock Master:  603-528-1036

(temporarily disconnected during the winter but is active throughout the boating season)

Contact WebMaster: SouthDownWebmaster

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