South Down Shores on Lake Winnipesaukee

Single Family Homes

Dear South Down Single Family Homeowners,

Thank you for electing me to represent you on the council as your representative. I will work closely with Rick Robert to keep you informed and to insure that South Down is managed in the best possible fashion so that we can all enjoy our community to its fullest extent.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at or at 508-922-3189.

Rick and I are trying to develop an updated e-mail list of all single family owners. Please reach out to us with that updated information so that we can be more confident that we are getting the necessary information to you.

I look forward to meeting you and to a great year.


Robert Iafrate

South Down is made-up of approximately 489 units/homes.  The majority of units reside in 19  villages ranging from one duplex in West Harbour of 2 units and up to 48 units in Golf Village.

Single Family homes currently number 80 units/homes with an additional 10 lots available for new construction.  Therefore, the maximum total is 90 units included in the 489 total units above that are classified as “single family”.

These homes are located on individual streets which include the following:

Admiral’s Lane

Andover Place

Carol Court

Clover Lane

Crimson Drive

Davidson Drive

Drummer Trail

Exeter Place

Hemlock Circle

Race Point Road

Yale Place

All single family owners are responsible for their own home and yard maintenance, repair and any other costs such as insurance. They are owners to themselves and are not part of a “village” or “condo” arrangement.  Therefore, they are only subject to the annual SDRA fee imposed upon all 490 owners for the general repair and maintenance of the total association property that everyone shares and is common to all.


There are 2 council representatives that are elected every 2 years from the pool of single family/lot owners.  The individuals now serving in that capacity are:


Bob Iafrate

Lauren Crockett

Note:  If you are interested in contacting these board members, please refer to your Southdown Homeowners’ Directory

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